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How To Get Started:

You complete a CLB Information Form and each individual requiring license.

We complete the paperwork for each state and send it to you, along with instruction sheets regarding signatures and state specific requirements.

We order required supporting documents.

You return the signed paperwork to CLB. We submit each online or paper filing directly to the state with the required fees.

No more checks! We set up a Fees Deposit Account from which we draw a check for all required fees. This means that you don't have to go to your accounting department each time a fee is required! You will receive a computer printout of all fees withdrawn from your account at the end of each month, along with your invoice, so you can easily track spending.

When an issued license is received, you send a copy to CLB --we update our files and make any required follow-up filings. This license triggers our renewal process.

Please contact CLB at (501) 664-8044 or email CLB to obtain a perspective client packet or to inquire about additional services.

email: licensing@centrallicensingbureau.com